NTN registration

NTN is like identity card for a business, it is even needed for corporate and business executives. Every taxpayer should have an NTN number, in Pakistan NTN number can be verified online from the website of Federal Board of Revenue.

NTN is required for business transactions; opening bank account.NTN is also required for filing tax return of individuals and companies. It is required for filing tender notices and bids with government departments and multinational companies.

NTN – Salaried Person

NTN is required for filing of income tax non filer high/increased withholding tax rate is charged on banking transactions, vehicle purchase and vehicle token.

NTN – Business Person

If you are a sole proprietor then only identity that you have is NTN as sole proprietors are not required to be wp-signup.phped with any other regulatory or registration authority. Further NTN is required to open a business account.

It is required for filing tender notices and bids with government departments and multinational companies.


Partnership is required to file income tax return  to become filer and to avail lower tax rate . We offer NTN Registration services to AOP / partnership firms. Higher withholding tax on business transaction , either supplies and service,

NTN – Company

Company is required to file income tax return, whether  operational or non-operational , in any case a company will must file tax return. We offer NTN Registration services to companies. Higher withholding tax on a business transactions, either supply and service,

Sales Tax Registration

Any business involved in activities on which sales tax is applicable are liable to get wp-signup.phped with FBR for sales tax. Sales tax registration is also required to enter bidding or tendering process with a government department or multinational the company, even a business is not involved in taxable activities.

  1. Sales Tax Registration – Business Individuals

Sales tax registration for business, individuals is required if any individual is involved in taxable activities. Sales tax registration is also required to enter bidding or the tendering process with a government department or multinational company, even a business is not involved in taxable activities.

                          Required Document for AOP registration for sales tax:

  1. Copies of CNIC of all Directors / Partners
  2. NTN of the Company or AOP (If Available)
  1. Paid Electricity Bill of wp-signup.phped Office
  2. Letterhead of AOP / Company
  3. Bank Account Maintenance Certificate
  4. Sales Tax Registration – AOP/ Partnership Firms

Sales tax registration with FBR is required for AOP is required if AOP is

                        Involved in taxable activities.

  1. Sales Tax Registration – Companies

Sales tax registration with FBR is required for the company if any company is involved in taxable activities.

Sales tax registration with FBR is required for a company is required if the company is involved in taxable activities.

Provincial Sales Taxation

After the 18th a constitutional amendment in the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan collection of sales tax on services came under the domain of provinces, latter provincial revenue authorities/boards were constituted in provinces.

Now the service providers are required to be wp-signup.phped with relevant provincial revenue authority in the jurisdiction of which services are rendered. If a business providing services in two or more provinces then registration with all relevant provincial revenue

  1. Punjab Revenue Authority (PRA)
  1. KPK Revenue Authority (KPRA)
    • Registration with KPK Revenue Authority (KPRA)
    • Filing of Monthly Sales Tax Return
    • Consultancy regarding provincial sales tax rates, changes in provincial laws and related matters
  2. Sindh Revenue Board (SRB)
  1. Baluchistan Revenue Authority (BRA)
  1. Islamabad Capital Territory

WeBOC Registration

WEBOC stands for Web Based One Customs developed by FBR to facilitate importers and exporters. It is a web-based system for filing Goods Declarations (GD) for import and export cargo., which can be used by both Importers, Exporters and their Customs Clearing Agents. At this point, WEBOC is necessary to carry out the business of import and export or both.

Our Services relating to WeBOC registration are as follows:

Company Registration

  1. Single Member Company

Now the minimum number of directors required to establish a company has been reduced to one director. Hence an individual can form a company and enjoy the advantage of limited liability without joining hands with anyone and without sharing profit and ownership of the corporate entity. Through the enforcement SMC Rules, 2003 the concept of single-member company was introduced in Pakistan. Before the commencement of Single Member Companies Rules, 2003, a single individual was not allowed to solely establish a business in a company form. A sole proprietorship is an ancient form of business organization. It is as old as civilization. Most of the businesses around us are managed, owned, and controlled by single individuals

  1. Private Limited Company

Two or more persons can form a private limited company, being a corporate entity chance to gain the confidence of customers, supplier,s and other stakeholders increase significantly

We offer service of registration of Private Limited Company; we have formulated uncountable companies in a very short period.

  1. Private Limited Company with Foreign Director

A foreigner desirous to invest in Pakistan cannot form a single-member company; hence the option of forming a private company with a Pakistani national is a good option. As minimum as one share is required to become a director in a private limited the company, so by sharing only one share with a Pakistani national a foreigner can invest in Pakistan.

  1. Public Limited Company

Three or more than three-person desirous to form a company to offer shares to the general public may form a public company. Although a public company has to fulfill many legal formalities a public company can offer its share to the general public. Minimum three directors are required to form an unlisted company, an unlisted company can offer shares to the general public on its counter, but shares cannot be traded in the stock market.

Minimum seven directors are required to form a listed company, a listed company can offer shares to general public and shares can be traded in stock market.

  1. Public Company with Foreign Director

Foreign national or foreign companies desirous to invest in Pakistan can also become part of a public company, instead of wp-signup.phping as a foreign company. Collaboration with a foreign company enhances the local investors’ confidence on the company. The incorporation cost and time of registration being a Pakistani public company is much lesser than wp-signup.phping as a foreign company.

Further, all advantages of public companies can be obtained by the foreign investors by this way.

  1. Liaison Office and Branch Office (Foreign Company)

Foreign Companies which are planning to do business in Pakistan but not willing to get wp-signup.phped as a company, may opt to establish a liaison office or branch office.

Branch Office is established by a foreign company to fulfill its contractual obligations with the public or private sector in Pakistan. Their activity will be restricted to the work mentioned in the agreement/contract signed. However, the branch office cannot indulge in commercial/trading activities.

Liaison Office is established by a foreign company for promotion of products(s), provision of technical advice & assistance, exploring the possibility of Joint Collaboration and export promotion.

  1. Foreign Company / Foreign Direct Investment

A foreign company may establish its locally incorporated subsidiary with 100% equity.  A foreign company can indulge in all activities, there are only a few areas, relating to national security, in which a foreign company cannot make an investment.

Partnership Firm Registration

Partnership form of the business has its own pros and cons; it’s mainly suitable for small level business. Two or more people agreed to share the profit of a business carried on by all or any of them acting for all can form a partnership firm.

Partnership Act, 1932, deals with all affairs relating to partnership firms , for instance  dissolution  of firms, retirement and death of partners and auxiliary issues.

Partnership asstated in the Partnership Act 1932, defines it in the following terms:
the relation between persons who have agreed to share the profits of a business carried on by all or any of them acting for all.” Minimum two and maximum twenty persons in any partnership business mutually decide to run a business collectively where they

In some cases companies also form partnerships. Companies can form a partnership to achieve common objectives through the merger of resources in pursuit of long.  This type of partnership may be termed a joint venture and taxed as AOP.

Normally people mix up term partnership with Association of Person (AOP) , however, AOP is a broader concept and used in tax law to deal with tax matters relating to joint ventures, profit sharing ventures, and alike group of persons.

Our services relating to partnership registration are as  follows:


Accredited Registration and Certifications

 Intellectual Property Organization (IPO) Registration


Pakistan is among the countries where trademark and copyright laws are too weak, use of closely resembled trademarks is common practice and even worst copying or illegal use of the trade name of other is also reported widely.


Copyright is a form of protection given to the authors or creators of “original works of authorship,” including literary, dramatic, musical, artistic and other intellectual works.


A patent is an exclusive right granted for an invention, which is a product or a process that provides, in general, a new way of doing something, or offers a new technical solution to a problem. To get a patent, technical information about the invention must be disclosed to the public in a patent application.

  1. Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) Registration

The Pakistan Engineering Council is a statutory body, constituted under the PEC Act , to regulate the engineering profession in the country such that it shall function as key driving force for achieving rapid and sustainable growth in all national, economic and social fields . PEC main statutory functions include registration of engineers, consulting engineers, constructors/operators and accreditation of engineering programs offered by universities/institutions, ensuring and managing of continuing professional development, assisting the Federal Government as Think Tank, establishing standards for engineering products and services besides safeguarding the interest of its members. The the council shall encourage, facilitate and regulate the working of professional engineering bodies for creativity and as custodians of engineering under the umbrella of the Council.

We provide services for registration with PEC, our services include:

  1. Pakistan Software Export Board Registration

Pakistan Software Export Board (PSEB) was established in 1995, to promote the export of I.T and related services. It works under Ministry of Information Technology, Govt. of Pakistan.  Under PSEB much work has been done to enhance of  export of I.T services and promote the industry.

Registration with PSEB renders waste benefits to IT companies involved in the export of I.T and export services, for instance, exemption of tax on income from export, provision of technical support & guidance, preference in projects of PSEB and internees are also provided to the wp-signup.phped companies, their stipends paid by PSEB.

Our Services relating to PSEB registration are described below

  1. Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Membership of a chamber of commerce renders numerous benefits  to businesses, it widens your social circle helps to keep update your information, and its necessary to do business in foreign countries. Membership is compulsory for WeBOC (License of Import and Export).

Our Services relating to chamber, registration are described below

  1. ISO 9001 Certification

The ISO 9001 standard offers a quality management system (QMS) model for obtaining and meeting customer requirements and enhancing satisfaction. It is general and appropriate for all types of organizations. Therefore, businesses from both the public and private sectors, including non-governmental organizations can benefit from the ISO 9001 quality management system model; despite being small, medium, or large companies. The instant benefit that can be realized from the implementation of ISO 9001 is the combined alignment of the activities of internal processes that are focused on the improvement of customer satisfaction which will result in many other reimbursements, whether internal or external. The magnitude of these benefits is determined by how effective the processes are in achieving these targets.

Our services relating to ISO certification include the following

Provision of assistance while ISO audit

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