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  • .COM$5.75
  • .NET$8.75
  • .ORG$6.25
  • .US$9.50

Domain & Its Importance

Custom domains are necessary to help your customers find you. Your name @ your business name .com gives a lot of good impressions plus it helps your customer remember your email or know how to reach you via email professionally. We are here to delight you with such services. 

Domain name registration

Domain name is identification. Through this client will find you and come in contact with you. Neo Business Solutions regulate the .com /. domain name space – helping individuals with them .com /. online presence. A domain name helps people find your website. It distinguishes your website from global competitors.

What is domain name.

A domain name is an internet location. It describes one’s identity. It is a place where one can search for their interested objects. Domain names are formed by the rules and procedures of the Domain Name System

Purpose of domain name

With domain name one can ask one’s customers to visit one’s website. It also makes business look established and professional. Through this one can also serves one’s goods and services online.

Domain Locking

  • In the registration of domain name, domain locking prevents others unauthorized to transfer or hijacking registered domain names.

Domain Renewal

  • After registration domain names will auto-renew by default. This auto-renewal prevents any domain from expiring accidentally due to human error.

Easy Management

  • Domain control panel is designed for ease-of-use and allows from all aspects to manage domains.

Domain control panel is designed for ease-of-use and allows from all aspects to manage domains.

Importance of domain name

  • Franchising makes business more successful and profitable. Granting a license to use franchisor’s know-how and business formula can achieve expected results.
  • In franchising the franchisor gives allowance to franchisor to distribute and sell its goods which make business more profitable.
  • In franchising the franchisee use trademark and other elements of branding of franchisor to manufacture and distribute products.
  • In franchising there is use of specific software for the business which provides education and business programmed to staff to expand business scale.
  • In franchising the lawyer ensure that interests of both parties are protected by contract so that neither party is exposed to unreasonable commercial risk.
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